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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard license 5 CAL

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard license 5 CAL

  • Брэнд: Microsoft
  • Барааны код: Microsoft
  • Статус: Худалдаанд
  • ₮1,170,000

  • Шагналын онооны дүн: 1170
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Help your business achieve new levels of reliability and performance with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, the cornerstone of the Microsoft Unified Communications solution. It delivers features that simplify your administration, help protect your communications, and delight your users by meeting their demands for greater mobility with anywhere access to communications. Built from the ground up for Software + Services, Exchange 2010 delivers unparalleled experiences, whether you choose to deploy on-premises, hosted, or a mix of the two.

  • Enables client access for up to five users
  • Deliver increased mobility and flexible access to users
  • Safeguard sensitive information and reduce the risk of malware and spam
  • Deploy self-service capabilities that allow users to perform common tasks with confidence
  • Achieve new levels of reliability and ease in delivering continuity to users
  • Provide access to Exchange e-mail from any device, anywhere
  • Reduce inbox overload and increase productivity
  • Create an enhanced universal inbox experience, providing users with single-location access

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