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Бар код уншигч - Bar code reader - Утасгүй 2,4G Wireless

Бар код уншигч - Bar code reader - Утасгүй 2,4G Wireless

  • Барааны код: POS System
  • Статус: Худалдаанд
  • ₮113,000

  • Шагналын онооны дүн: 113
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Item specifics

Scan Element Type:
Colour Depth:
32 Bit
Products Status:
Scan Speed:
Optical Resolution:
Scan Breadth:
Product Type:
Portable Scanner
Max Paper Size:
Barcode Scanner
Model Number:

2.4G Wireless Handheld Laser Scan Barcode Bar Code Scanner Reader Gun POS Label Black

Features :

1)This product has exquisite and beautiful design, and the head cover, handle and seat of the gun are all protected by soft rubber, so its drop resistance is greatly enhanced in addition to its internal scientific solidification structure and it is incomparable for common wireless guns!

2)This product is improved a lot in reading codes, and the latest technical accomplishment is applied to its engine and decoding function, which realizes that the gun can read codes better and faster and is incomparable for common guns in the market!

3)This product can be set easily when being used, and get rid of the trouble about complicated set of some wireless guns in the current market , and be mastered easily by the user

4)This product is in-built with a battery of a super-large capacity 1.5 times higher than common wireless guns, which effectively guarantees that the user can use it for much longer time after it is charged fully



Charging interface type: mini USB

Light Source Type: Visual lasing diode; the wave length is 650mm.

Trigger mode: Manual (can be switched off after the on/off button is pressed for several seconds).

Scanning Pattern: Single-line scanning

Scanning speed: 1002 times /s

Resolution: 4mil

Printing Contrast Ratio: The lowest reflectivity difference is 30.

Bit error rate: 1/50 million

Charging input voltage: 5VDC0.25V

Power: 100mW (work): 500mW (momentary maximum)

Current: 20mA (work): 100mA (momentary maximum)

Standby current: 20mA

Light intensity: 3000-12000Lux

Depth of field: 5mm-630mm

Scanning angle: 606542 (Left and right, front and back, rotation)

Decoding capacity: UPC/EAN/JAN, UPC/EAN with Supplemental, UCC/EAN 128, Code 39, MSI, Code11,Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 39 TriOptic, Code 128, Code 128Full ASCII, Codabar, Code93, Discrete2of5, IATA,RSSvariants, Codabar, Chinese2of5, International general dimensional barcodes, e.g. Inteleaved2/5, Interleaved 2of5 and China postal service code


Package included:

1x Barcode Scanner

1x 2.4GHZ Receiver

1x USB Cable

1x User's Manua

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